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Our Big Island guide will save you time, so you can enjoy more.


We recommend that you focus your Big Island time in Volcano with short trips in all directions and one around-the-island day to see Kona. The only reason to stay in Kona is if you ONLY want to sit on the beach or by the *pool; which, by the way, is BETTER on any of the other islands as they are older, have much bigger, more extensive beaches, and more mature coral reefs.




Volcano is located on Hawaii's Big Island, at a cool 4000ft elevation, on the top of the active Kilauea Volcano, and is 1 mile outside of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park; nestled in a tropical Ohia and Hapu'u fern forest, so don't expect sand and coconut trees. Volcano is famous for its picturesque beauty and tranquility.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

 • What to see and do at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.


Kilauea Volcano

 • Everything you want to know about Kilauea and it's caldera.

 • Here is a nice map of the flows from Pu'u 'O'o.


Lava and Volcanic Activity

 • This website provides the latest up-to-date information on
    the recent lava flows, where the volcanic activity is

    happening, safety precautions and viewing tips.

 • Here is another website with up-to-date information about
    volcanic activity in the park.


Hikers and Bicyclists

 • For the best lava flow viewing experience, check out
Hawaii Exploration, they offer a steep discount for Volcano
    Inn guests.

 • Where to bicycle in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park provides
    information of where to go biking inside the Park.

 • Here is a useful page on self-guided field trips in the park.


Bird Watchers

 • Here is everything to know about Kipuka Puaulu also known
   as Bird Park.


For Serious Bird Watchers

• Of course, there is the Audubon Society.


More Places to See

 • Volcano is home to many talented artists, see some of their
   work at the Volcano Art Center.

 • Wine tasting in paradise is just a sip away at
Volcano Winery.

 • Treat yourself to 100% Hawaiian chocolate and more at
   Aloha Candy Co.

Volcano is centrally located to explore the east side of the Big Island, which has more things to see and do than the west side of the Big Island.

 30 minutes drive South of us towards South Point:
popular black sand beach, and sea turtles
delicious Kau coffee and macadamia nut farms

45 minutes drive South of us towards South Point:
unique green sand beach
scenic wind farm and cliffs into the beautiful ocean
southernmost restaurants and bakery in the USA at     

30 minutes drive North of us towards Hilo:
Pana'ewa Rainforest Zoo & Gardens is the only natural
      tropical rainforest zoo in the United States.
Mauna Loa is a famous macadamia nut farm and factory.

40 minutes drive North of us towards Hilo:
fascinating places to explore such as the Lyman Museum,
'Imiloa Astronomy Center, and the
Pacific Tsunami Museum

45 minutes drive North of us towards Hilo:
Hawaii Botanical Garden nestled in a historical bay
numerous waterfalls
exciting sight-seeing via zip lines

45 minutes drive East of us towards Kalapana:
active lava flows and steam vents
relaxing warm ponds
Lava Tree State Monument with unusual volcanic features
excellent, cheap restaurants in Pahoa

You cannot come from Kona to visit Volcano in one day and return easily, but it is easier to see Kona in a day from Volcano. Kona is about a 2.5 to 3 hour drive from Volcano.

Lava flow, Kalapana Hawaii

Playing with lava at Kalapana

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National - (808) 935-0891


Tour Companies

Hawaii Exploration - (808) 640-3544

Bike Volcano - Toll Free 1-888-934-9199

Guided Day Treks - (808) 333-4016

Hawaii Forest & Trail - Toll Free 1-800-464-1993

Arnott's Hiking Adventures - (808) 339-0921

Hawaii Walkways - Toll Free 1-800-457-7759

Lava Ocean Adventures - 808-966-4200

Lava Boat Tours - (808) 938-3761

Big Island Kayak - (888) 210-5365

Ocean Eco Tours - (808) 324-7873

Jacks Tours - Toll Free 1-800-442-5557

Polynesian Adventure - (888) 206-4531

Roberts Hawaii - Toll Free 1-800-831-5541


Public Transportation

Hele-On Bus - (808) 961-8744



Hawaiian Airlines - Toll Free 1-800-367-5320

Island Air - Toll Free 1-800-652-6541

Pacific Wings - (888) 575-4546

Mokulele Airlines - Toll Free 1-866-260-7070




Akaka Falls, Big Island, Hawaii

Akaka Falls

The most frequent planning comments by guests staying at Volcano Inn, and are worth paying attention to:

1. We wish we had stayed more than one night.

2. Why did we stay one night in Hilo and one in Volcano,
    when Hilo is only a 30 minute drive from Volcano?

3. Why did we fall for the one week deal in Kona when
    everything we wanted to do was a 5 hour drive to the other
    side of the Big Island?

4. Why are we double paying to stay in Volcano while we
    have our time share/condo in Kona?

Petroglyphs Trail, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Petroglyphs Trail detail at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park